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    I have been turned down many times in trying to get colon cancer recognized as being directly related to Agent Orange exposure. Everyone including medical doctors know this to be the case but the VA still stands firm in their denial of this fact. However, a number of cases of colon cancer in Kentucky (and maybe elsewhere) has been approved by the VA. The way to file this is under COLON CANCER being a secondary res...

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      Hi Natalie, My name is Bill. On Jan. 14, 2001 I was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer that had spread to my liver. I had 2 surgeries, did the chemo thing I.V. for 9 months and also had a hepatic arterial pump (inserted I my abdomen for 2 years, but only providing chemo for 10 months) & was given 3 months to live!!!! Here I am! Still kicking!! I even had a complete liver transplant in 2007. Tell your mom (and y...

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