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    Hey Krys! Thanks for responding to my post! I THINK the FISH negative (which is what they told me I have) means I DON'T have the deletions that respond well to chemo. However, they said that it will still respond to chemo--maybe just not as well as if I had the deletions. I wish we had more examples of people who are living with this tumor well beyond 15-20 years. I bet they're out there...do you know of any? I have...

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      I was diagnosed in December with an Oligodendroglioma Grade II after at 95% resection was done. It was located in the frontal left lobe and what's left is in the corpus collosum. I'm going to start chemo soon for six months, although I found out yesterday that I'm "FISH negative". I keep reading about the "deletions", but don't know what that means and if that relates to the FISH negative or not (maybe someone can an...

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