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     Hello everyone Im 36 with stage 4 breast cancer thats spread to my spine,ribs,hips,& brain.Ive been battling this horrible disease for almost 6 yrs now.My breast cancer is HER 2 NEU+,Ive done many surgeries,many chemotherapies,many radiation treatments etc.Ive been on this clinical study drug TDM-1 for 2 yrs its the only one thats worked for  a whole 2 solid years,no spread, nothing! All was great...

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    Hi,Im 36 yrs old,a mother of 2,and loving wife.Ive recently been diagnosed with a Secondary Cancer called (AML) Therapy Related Acute Myeloid Luekemia, Ive also been living with Stage 4 Breast Cancer thats spread to spine,ribs,hips &left temperol lobe in brain called(HER2 NUE+ER+PR+) I was told that the chemotherapy treatments,and radiations that Ive done to try and kill my breast cancer over the past 6 years has in return caused my Luekemia Unbeleivable,,,I know!!I strongly beleive in God and I beleive in miracles.I enjoy being able to get advice and share advice with others about this horrible diseasae called cancer.God Bless Us All xxoo

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