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    We all know what radiation does to our bodies while going thru treatment, but it's the price we have to pay for our good health. Sometimes we wonder if the rad bill will ever get paid, and I'm here to announce that for me, at least for now, there's no longer a rad bill collector. That's right, after just seven short years I have hair growing on the back of my neck and the top of my shoulder area. It may be a small vi...

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        Hi Slowlane, Happy forth year anniversary to ya. Glad to hear of your stories of being helped by your fellow cancer warriors. Keep up with the good news and experiences that you can share with us. San Diego Phil

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          Hi everyone, Just a little note to add to my post to see if anyone else had a similar experience with their food intake. I was instructed to drink eight cans a day each with 250 calories per can and weighing 8.25 ounces for a 2000 calorie diet. I started out at eight cans but after a while my stomach began craving more nourishment, so I increased the number of cans consumed daily until one night at midnight I poured...

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            Hi CeAnn, I am a little ashamed to tell anyone about my experience with my peg tube since I only clean it once in the proper way, however, it got clean to a certain degree everytime I took a shower. Never got infected. The tube moved freely back and forth a few inches while inserted in my stomach during the six months of use. Like Susan stated earlier, I wasn't instructed to rotate the tube, nor did have I have info...

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              Hi CheyenneMoon, I am about claustrophobia as the next person so my mind was racing as how to approach this mask task. I felt I had to do it to LIVE, and that was my constant thought throught the process. I was more concerned that my body would flinch and therefore we would have to start the process again. I didn't flinch thank God. At one point I had lost too much weight which affected the tight fit of the mask and...

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                Hi Char, Welcome to the five year survivors club, let the celebration begin! I am so happy for you and your husband to have reach this point in your life. We all thought our life couldn't be any tougher and then cancer makes its ugly presense and we are introduced to a new test of our will and strength in fighting this beast. Well, Char you kept your promise to post the great news, now all you two have to do is cele...

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                  Hi songirl, I'm sorry I don't have the answer you would prefer. My cancer was back of tongue and one of my side affects is the ringing in my ears which has been present for seven years now. The good news that I can share with you is it's not a condition that bothers me to any measurable degree, I just accept it as part of my life since it's not loud and so far somewhat easy to ignore. I hope your husband's condition...

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                    Hi everyone, The final score is ME-7 CANCER-0 complete shutout of the bad guy. My Doctor said since we are two years past the five year cure mark it's pointless to continue meeting once a year. He said if you have any questions or you think you need to see me just email me. General information on me is I had back of tongue cancer treated with 33 radiation and 3 chemotherapy sessions ending November 14, 2007. I am po...

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                      Hi Susan, It's rather late (1:00 a.m.) but I want to respond to your message. I'm well aware of the information you stated in your message, I merely stated that you could develope cancer in your lungs by smoking as well. That's the point I wanted to make. No new news there, just the fact we are faced with two possible avenues in which cancer can invade our lungs. I was not going to try to explain how it mets into th...

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                      Was told I have base of tongue squamous cell carcinoma in August of 2007. I had a lump on my neck that I ignored for too long and also a minor sore throat, my Doctor told me it was forth stage cancer. Had 33 sessions of radiation and 3 chemo sessions, about 45 days of treatment and about 45 days to recover. I used a feeding tube for all of my nourishment. Taste buds and saliva returned to normal in a relatively short period of time (thank God). I began seeing my Doctors on once a year statis last year. Last Nov.14th, he said my chances for survival was rated at 80 percent so I hoping soon he'll say it's at 90 percent. My life is back to normal as far as I am concerned. On 11/14/14 I can claim a 7 year cancer survival status. I'm totally grateful to my team of Doctors and everyone who has helped me fight my cancer, I can't thank them enough!! If anyone has a question for me, please email me and I'll share whatever information I have experienced with you.

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