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    Wow, that's great to hear. Unfortunately my wife relapsed march 4,2013 and we ended up at vanderbilt. She went thru induction again and is in remission and are on the verge of a stem cell transplant. A donor has been found and we are hopefully less than a month away. Thanks for the reply.

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      Yes the induction treatment put her in remission. After her first consolidation treatment her counts took twice as long to come up. They finally did and she had another consolidation and they took so long to come back they decided not to do the last 2 treatments fearing damage to her bone marrow. Did another bone marrow biopsy to make sure and it was still in remission and it was. Diagnosed first week of may and end...

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        My wife is 35 and we have 2 children (10 & 5). On may 6th we were told she had aml. Chemo started may 9th and went thru the 16. Today is the 29th and her counts are back up and she is getting a bone marrow test today. The doctor feels certain that the leukemia cells are gone and she will go home this week. Consolidation treatments are planned a week or so after that. I was just curious if anyone has experience on...

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