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    Well Jackson32...Today is July 1 2015. What have you done about the malpractice situation. Leonard form Alamo California

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      To mayq07 I would strongly suggest NOT TO DONATE AND/OR SELL any of your left-ove medical supplies. First of all it may not be legal. if that are still packaged in the original package visit your the hospital that was caring for you father and see what they say. I would bet my life on the fact that they would take and dump in the hazard container. Take Care. Leonard from Alamo California

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        Hello Dear mayq07, Your story will help many. Your stroy is very familiar to me... You are very fortunate that your story was short lived. I lived it for over 7.5 years.....24/7 It was a living hell. I am sure you can help those with some very important questions....like WHAT'S NEXT. Take Care, Leonard (aka Solutions) from Alamo California

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          Dear flyingsaber.. I have done many, many years of research and care-giving regarding Cholangiocarcinoma (Bile Duct Cancer). There isn't much I don't know. And to be honest I wish I could forget it all. But with regards to your comment about an specific madication causing cancer...I do not think that is the case. I have never read anything like that. But to make sure ask the Oncologist Take Care Leonard (aka Sol...

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            Hello Again Zaid, I just want you to know that I read Jcancom message to you. It very much appears he/she knows NOTHING with regards to how you mom is currently doing. My adivse to you is to follow my posted message regarding you mother's wishes. Forget all confused suggestions offered by Jcancom, It's all double talk...You mother is beyond his/her suggested treatments. But of course you do what you want for you...

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              Hello Zaid, Okay Thank you for responding to me. I know what you are going through...it is not easy. But remember it is HARDER ON YOUR LOVING MOTHER...do not forget that fact. The answer to your question (Don't know what to do) Zaid, my answer is sad and simple ut very imortant. I have been in the same position you are expressing. Do what your mother is asking you to do. She knows best. She is ready to allow he...

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                Hello Zaid, This will be short and to the point. If this is what and how you plan to care for your mom...GOOD LUCK my friend. I am glad you are not my care-giver. You will learn the hard way that False-Positives mean nothing except False-Positives.  In my previous messages I asked you some simple questions...you did not take the time to respond. I wish your mom all the best. Beware of folks pushing false-...

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                  Jackson32. I don't think you are crazy...You have no idea what I would have done if some doctor came into my wifes room and tried to remove her bile duct drain tubes. You will not find anything on how to remove a bile drain tube...because it's none of you business how they do it. If a drain tube needs to be removed an Interventional Radiologist will perform that procedure and NOT in the Patients room. Stop thinkin...

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                    Hey Jcancom...a lot of medical talk.. So what's NEXT???? By the way, I am assuming your are a reader and not a doctor. Who really cares about your knowledge regarding codes. The care-giver can what he wants for his Mother. Enjoy your day, Leonard

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                      Zaid786ae, I read jcancom posted message to you. First of all based on you posted message, I do not think you mother has liver cancer and I do not think she has a intrahepatic bile duct cancer. It sound like the obstruction (or tumor) is located outside the liver. Or it maybe located in the common bile duct which is located below the right and left hepatice bile ducts at the "Y". Just my opinion. Leonard

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                      Hello, my name is Leonard Vinci. I live in Alamo California. Karen, my wife has been dealing with bile duct cancer and recovery for the past 7 1/2 years. We been through it all...I think. There's not much I haven't done with regard to care-giving. I'm 70 and Karen is 59. I am very interested in the cause of bile duct cancer. I'm doing my own research and I believe if we knew more about the cause of bile duct cancer we may be able to avoid the problem. NOTE: This was updated 10/20/2011...Hello again, With deep sadness I just want all my dear friends at Cancer Compass to know Karen passed away on December 2, 2010. It was very difficult the last 40 days when Karen ended her journey of life at the UCSF Medical Center. Karen was 3 days from her 60th birthday. I miss her very much. I would give anything to be able care-give 24/7 again, even though it was very hard it's nothing like living without Karen. If anyone would like to read more about Karen send me a private message at lgvinci@concast.net and I will send it to you. Thank you, Leonard Vinci from Alamo, California.
                      By the way, I am continuing to view the Cancer Compass site. I hope I can help others when that horrible question surfaces "what's next". As we know there is very little research being done on Bile Duct Cancer. That's because it is a very rare cancer and there is more money to be made dealing with breast cancer and other more active and rare cancers. That's too bad because everyone getting Bile Duct Cancer dies. There are no survivor's. This is a horrible cancer. When it spreads Chemo and Radiation forget it they do nothing but make you quality of life a living hell.Thank for Listening. I am here to help and tell you the truth. I will not sugar coat the truth. No false comments will come from me. Believe me, it is better to know the truth than live a life full of false hopes. Leonard Vinci.

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