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    Thank you for responding! I feel blessed that this cyst was discovered accidentally by a CAT scan after a fender bender and I have a chance to address it before it becomes an invasive cancer. It's just that I can make it financially for (2) months but if I have a major complication like KATMA, I don't what I'll do. I realize that I have to hope for the best and put it in God's hands. I actually feel embarrassed a...

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      I'm scheduled to have a laproscopic whipple for a pre-cancerous cyst at John Hopkins and would like to know what to expect from someone who has actually had the procedure.

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        Could you please tell me your Drs. Names and when you had your surgery. Like you I was told I had a pre cancerous cyst that needs to be removed. Unfortunately, I am barley scrapping by and decided to go with the laproscopic whipple in the hopes that I can get back to work (self-employed). I'm scheduled to have a laproscopic whipple on 2/27/13 at Hopkins. I am scare to death and have not slept since January. Also, ...

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