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    I worry also.  My physician has not extended my treatment as much as yours.  I get regular lab work and the a bone marrow bx every year.  I'm not sick alot, but I do get bronchitis every few months and have a tendency to run a low grade fever.  My worst complaint is being tired all the time.  I work all week and by the weekend do absolutely nothing.   I have been told there is nothing th...

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      I have tried Neupogen, and to no avail doesn't work at all. :-( Do you mind if i ask how old you are?? I am in my early 40's but was diagnosed at the age 39.

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        Hello All, I have been diagnosed with Idiopathic Neutropenia (unknown as to why I have it)  I don't have cancer, but my hematologist/ oncologist is wanting to put me on Neupogen.  I am just wondering if there is anyone with the same diagnosis as me and if so, what did your physician do for you?  Help Help Help

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