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@ratwoman6 I went back to the ent on wednesday.  he wants me to take an antiviral for three weeks due to the fact I had mono in my early thirties.  They say mono is linked to different diseases.  He said he wanted to see if the masses shrink with this since antibiotics did nothing.  He just says if it is cancer it will be lymphoma.  But he felt we needed to not biopsy now and see what happens.  Went to gp on thursday and she said she was going to call him and let him know we have done all that stuff year ago.  the ent says he does things in his own way.  I am so disgusted because I can't treatment for other things wrong with me until they know what the masses are.  I told my gp is it or is it not cancer?  because the masses are the excuse I get about not treating hormone issues and other issues.  No changes will be made to medications until the mass thing is solved.  So what am I to do?  I asked the gp why the ent isn't looking at the poly deal in my sinus ( he certainly doesn't have xray vision) so how does he know if it has went away or not.  I don't think I have cancer but the masses r keeping me from moving on with life otherwise.  They have begun to cause me pain.  I also found out my brother has renal cancer; my mother died with brain cancer; and cancer is just everywhere in our genetics.   My father's family have hodgekins/lymphoma all over the place.  Of course that doesn't mean I have or will ever have cancer but I am tired of being told it just may be cancer.  they say if you are over 40 it is presumed malignant until proven otherwise.  But like I told my gp; the endocrinologist won't do anything for some issues I have until she knows and she got right on the ball when I first went to her.  The general surgeon wanted the ent to biopsy asap.  He had me set up the quack within three days.  I just don't know anymore.  now my brother is facing his ordeal and his heart is really bad; they put off his surgery until they monitor his heart for week.  He was supposed to have it friday.  I feel so tired all the time.  and Like I told my gp somebody has to help me get my life back.  I can't even walk thru walmart anymore or have the energy to do daily things chores that I have always done in two hours.  Just depressing but i have fussed and asked well what is this in my neck?  We don't know is all I hear?  the ent says is definitely lymph whatever.  I told my children and my husband that I am just letting it go.  I can't keep going hearing well it may be cancer,  I have had the masses for a year or a lil over year and some say if you have them for a long time it is not cancer; yet cancer causing masses don't go away.  So as you can see I am just beaten. 

I really appreciate you writing me and keeping up with me.  It is great to know that ppl who are going thru the hardest time in life can open up their hearts to help others.  Our county here has so much cancer.  I have three friends who have been diagnosised.  One which got the run around for awhile and now undergoing chemo and radiation.


God Bless and May God Bless you abundantly.



ratwoman6 I hope I answered all my post in the correct way so you get your reply.  I am new to this thing.  thanks...also how do you get to read the person's answering story.

Yes I am in the US; south alabama.  the ent is in mobile.  I found out today my brother has kidney cancer and is to have surgery on friday.  My mother died of brain cancer when she was 35. 

I went to ent today and he wants to do another medicine and do a meneiere's disease test.  He thinks the masses will shrink in time; but if I do have cancer I have lymphoma.  This ent was supposed to be the best.  I had to go back thru most of my story in full because he didn't have my ct disc or my ultrasound report that was taken with me on initial visit in march.  I am scheduled to go back in three weeks but I don't think I am going back. 

About posting; it has taken me a day or two to figure out how to post and where. 

Thanks for your advice.  May God bless you and keep you safe in your journey. 


thanks for answering my post.  I am just now getting the posting figured out. the where we are supposed to post.  my mother died of cancer at the age of 35 ( I was 14) and was just told today my brother has kidney cancer and will have surgery on friday.  I hope you can read the replies to the other posting that were replies to me.  the ent today told me he wants to try antiviral drug and come back in three weeks and also meneires disease test.  He keeps saying if I have cancer it is lymphoma but he wants to give meds time.  I took antibiotics when I went to the general practioner in may and july of last year.  I just am in a tizzy due to fact that he keeps saying lymphoma yet he doesn't know and with time it may get better.  How can he tell anything without doing some type of test to see.  You can see the masses and feel them no prob.  He didn't even mention the polyp vs cyst in my sinus cavity today at all.  He kept saying I think if we give it time they will shrink.  I have had a year of knowing that I have them; now they hurt and I am so tired all the time. 

I do thank you all for your replies and help.  May God Bless you and I wish you the very best in your journey. 



Thank you so much for giving me advice.  I am 47 years old.  My mom died when I was 14 at the age of 35 with brain cancer.   I also found out today my brother was just diagnosised with kidney cancer and is scheduled for surgery on friday.  He lives in Arkansas and I live in South Alabama.  For my update; went back to the ent today for the follow up from taking the antibiotics that he was sure would shrink the masses.  I was so disappointed due to the fact that he doesn't have a copy of the ultrasound report or the ct disc I took him in march.  Not once did he mention anything about the polyp vs cyst in my sinus cavity or the details of my masses on ultrasound.  He just keeps saying lymphoma possibility; I had three doctors push me in a hurry once ultrasound was done to get to ent for biopsy but how do u get a biopsy when the doctor keeps wanting to try medicine.  I certainly don't want cancer but I know without a doubt there is something wrong; I have no energy.  I went thru cardiomyopathy and I know about fatigue but even then I could do things.  I can't do regular shopping due to fact of having to be brought home; I can't keep up regular household duties; I get so upset with myself due to fact that no matter what I tell myself of how tomorrow is going to be, I can't get there.   I posted my original post I think in lymphoma posting.  I sort of didn't understand how the post thing worked.  I have had these masses for a year now; really over a year.  The ent today wants me to do antiviral drug since antibiotics made no change.  I just don't understand why he is putting off the biopsy.  He says he wants to give more time.  I took antibiotics from gp when I first went last may and july.  She has treated me for thirty years so I am sure she knows my system.   oh and the ent wants to do meneire's disease testing when I go back in three weeks.  My ct even tho it was read wrong even showed lymph growth on left side.   I don't know what is wrong but I told my husband I just don't think I am going back.  My endo is a great doc and she went above and beyond for me.  She ordered all the test and had my appt set up with a general surgeon when I went back for test results within the week of my appt.   Gen surgeon scheduled appt with ent within three days because he stated didn't need to waste time.  As I stated in previous post my first ent was a fiasco.  All he was worried about is my not having money for hearing aids.  Are the ent's just trying to do all they can do as far as testing etc. because if I do have lymphoma he wouldn't be treating me anymore?  I don't know how head and neck, or lymphoma cancer works.  My grandfather had hodgekins lymphoma but I was young and really wasn't involved with his treatment.  Dr said today if  I had cancer it was going to be lymphoma.  He said the masses r lymph nodes.  I wouldve thought he would have ordered another ultrasound or a ct.   I just don't know what to do.  I go to general practioner in the am; so I guess I will see what she has to say.  But honestly I am ready to give up doctors. 

Once again I do appreciate any and all advice offered.  It is a wonderful thing for people going thru trying times to have this site.  My previous husband died with liver cancer.  I remarried in 2010 to a wonderful christian man that God sent my way.  My life hasn't been the best but God has blessed me greatly in all the other ways. 


May God Bless You All...and I wish for you all the best. 

need advice; neck masses

by alajaney - March 25, 2012

As I posted before I have two neck masses that were found on ultrasound in december  8mm solid mass with color flow under right ear; 10x4x14 nodular density with color flow right lateral neck.  I went to general surgeon that gp and endo sent me to for biopsy; he referred me to an ent who made fun of the situation but did order a ct ( which was misread but it did show lymph node growth on left side with a cyst vs polyp in sinus) but to make a long story short; I was referred to another ent due to fact three doctors including general surgeon say I need a biopsy.  I have seen the 2nd ent who in turn put me on three weeks antibiotics.  these masses have been there now for over a year.  they have grown and now you see them with neck movement.  My neck hurts unbearable at times.   My gp, endo and the general surgeon say I have to have a biopsy but getting it done seems to be an issue that I don't think is happening any time soon.  I see the endo on monday; my gp on tues and 2nd ent again on wednesday to see if antibiotics worked; which they didn't.  My gp and the endo said when they called to see outcome of 2nd ent that antibiotics weren't needed due to fact gp had given them to me back in July.  I knew the masses were there when I went to the gp in July ( I only went due to extreme fatigue).  I can not do daily activities that once were so easy.  I have a history of cardiomyopathy and had thought that might be my problem when I started having the fatigue.  It wasn't the cause.  I need advise on what to do when I go back to the ent on wednesday and he still doens't do a biopsy.  The general surgeon and my gp and the endo have all stated they thought I was looking at cancer.  I took the disc of my ct films to the new ent and he stated it was read wrong and he was glad I brought the disc.  He said I have multiple lymph activity on both side and the masses were or looked to be lymph nodes.  But as I stated he placed me on antibiotics.  I am just in a quandry due to fact the masses have been there for so long but they have started to hurt really really bad.   When they first came up and over the entire time of my knowing they were there have never hurt til now.   I want to feel better.  I can't do anything anymore due to tiredness.   I go to shop for groceries and can not complete the store and have to be brought home.  Has anyone ever had a hard time with doctors?  Should I just let the masses be.  My doctors have looked for causes other than cancer for the cause of them being there.  My life hasn't been an easy one; my mother died of cancer at the age of 35; my father died at the age of 36 of wilson's disease.  I had mono when I was in my early thirties; the general surgeon told me that was important for me to tell doctors.  I hope that this has made some sense as I know I can jump around.  The new ent is supposed to be one of the best and he did say it could possibly be cancer but he did things his way not because another doctor tells him what to do.  I only went to him because the gp and the endo called me at home and pushed me to go after I cancelled first appointment due to being scared of going through another episode like I did with the first ent.  My son was with me and witnessed that.  I'm very disillusioned with the medical field these days.  Please any tips or advise will be greatly appreciated.  

I think this is a wonderful sight.  It is wonderful to know that people can reach out to others in this day.  God places angels in our lives at times we don't even see it.

God Bless and sorry for the long message.


I have two masses on the right side of my neck.  I was sent to endocrinologist dec 20th because my gp thought it was something to do with parathyroid.  But it wasn't.  the endo set me up for thyroid scan and other test.  the scan showed I have an 8mm solid mass with color flow under the right ear and a 10x 4 x 14 mm nodular density mass in the right lateral neck.  I am having to go to see a general surgeon for biopsies on the 25th.  I am nervous about that because of the location of the masses because of my arteries being in those regions.  Both masses had color flow which no one has taken time to explain except to say masses may be malignant and the biopsy would say if it is lymph nodes or not.  My thyroid was fine.   I have had the masses for quite some time and the only reason I went to the doctor was because of extreme fatigue.  I wish you well on your journey and everything turns out well.   Any information any of you can give to me would be thankful.  I wish my doctors would have sent me for a cat scan or a mri before sending me to a surgeon just for more information. I wanted to share my story with you to compare.  I will be following your post and wish for you only the best.  Janey

RE: neck masses.

by alajaney - January 11, 2012

Thank you so much John 1 for answering my message.  I went back to family doctor just to get some info and felt so stupid by the time I left.  It seems our medical field doesn't get in a hurry.  I wish you all the best on your journey and it is so heart warming to know that there are those out there who are willing to share what they have endured or enduring and are willing to be there for others as support.  May God Bless You...Janey

neck masses.

by alajaney - January 10, 2012

Hi, I am hoping I am posting in the right place.  I found two masses or lumps in my neck about two years ago; I kept mentioning them to dr and it was always put off to infection etc  I recently in the past nine months became extemely fatigued; so dr sent me to endocrinologist who ordered an ultrasound on the masses and thryroid.  My reg physician thought I had parathyroid issues.  well to make long story short I went for results today to find that thyroid doesn't have any masses but the masses are (1) 8 mm solid finding with color flow seen below right ear; a 10 x 4 x 14 mm nodular density laterally on the right separate from the thyroid gland with blood flow seen on color doppler; there is no focal cyst or solid nodule within the thyroid gland.  Physician didn't give me any idea of what the masses are on; lymph node etc; I am just wanting to know can the lymph nodes be affected n the report just not say so.  I am scheduled to see a surgeon on the 25th.  My physician just told me I had to have biopsies.  No words of what it may be or what part of body if it was something it included.  The only thing said was thyroid was fine.  No worries there.  I have had an awful passt nine to eleven months.  I stay exhausted; can anyone out there give me any ideas or thoughts.  I know this site is only for talk.  NO definitive can be given.  Has anyone been through anything similar.  I can deal with it if it is cancer because I would then have a why I have felt so ooo bad.  I just would like to know if anyone has an idea about what area is affected or what they may be looking for.  I had a ct of brain on same day which was normal.  Can you have normal lab work as far as blood counts and have lymphoma or cancer?  I guess most would say I need to wait n be patient and I understand that.  I am 47  and have been through alot of issues over the years but ususally you get a little more info out of dr.  It was almost like the dr didn't know how to talk to me after the report was handed to them.  The doctor is a very thorough doctor and no complaints against the doctor.  I just wish the dr wouldve been a litte more informative.  Any thoughts or words from anyone who has been through similar or anyone who can tell me what report could mean is apprecitated..may God bless all..

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I am 47 years old. My mother died with brain cancer when I was 14 at the age of 35. I just found out my brother has kidney cancer. I don't have a diagnosis of cancer but have been told the masses in my neck could be lymphoma and I have been around the world. My gp, endo and the general surgeon I was sent to says biopsy as soon as possible but ent wants to do many other things before biopsy. my masses have been there for over a year. I have three grown wonderful children and two beautiful grand babies. I lost my previous husband in 08 to liver cancer. Cancer is no stranger these days to many many households.

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