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    Thank you all for your helpful responses.  I asked my doctor about kinase inhibitors in lieu of FCR chemo.  He said it is likely I will start with FCR following by a stem cell transplant.  There may be time in the future to try the kinase inhibitors but he's not sure about the timing with this.  Everyone I've talked to (4 different Oncologists) tell me that for now, FCR is the gold standard for fi...

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      I was diagnosed about 18 months ago with CLL, with 47% 17p deletion which makes me high risk L2.  My doctor sees me monthly and we are waiting to start chemo when my red cells and platelets drop or if I advance in the Rai stages.  Does anyone have familiarity with 17p plus presenting positive for favorable IgHv?  I know it is the worst possible mutation in terms of resistence and progression in CLL. &n...

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