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    Thanks everyone! I will continue to pray for all of you as well and will update you further as results come back.

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      Good luck Phil...thoughts and prayers are with you! Bruce

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        Hi all, So just short of my 10 year anniversary as cancer free, I go for my annual endoscopy a few weeks early since I've had some recent difficulties. A few days later, my doctor calls me 7:30 in the evening to tell me the biopsy results have revealed some suspicious activity and that Barrett's is once again present. Not at all what he was expecting...Time for further tests he says, starting with some bloodwork, a ...

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        As we all know, we are "Underdogs" to defeat this terrible disease. I have made it a personal challenge to fight the good fight and aid and support my fellow cancer patients and their families. 10/28/01 marks the day I was told the terrible news...11/26/11 will be the milestone TENTH YEAR of SURVIVAL! GOD BLESS all who read this...Stay strong of mind, heart and spirit...my prayers are with you!

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