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    Hi Nicks Mom Thanks for the reply, and the new nick name....love it and will try my best to live up to your expectations. Can I ask how long after VATS you took to recover?  I am trying to work out if I can have VATS how long it will take me to be back at my desk (office work where the most physical effort I do is moving paper) If I am not a candidate for VATS and go for open surgery how long will it tak...

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      Hi All 39 year old Stage IV male rectum cancer with 1 single solitary met to the lung.  Generally in good health apart from cancer:) I only just had the primary tumor removed from my rectum on 05 Jan, and am only being referred by my colorectal surgeon to an oncologist later this week. However the colorectal surgeon is suggesting that a lung resection is hopefully on the cards. My question sare: 1) Open sur...

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