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    thank you so much for replying......I hope that we would make the right choice....God Bless all of us, we will all get through this, just believe :)

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      tnx for your reply......we didn't told grandpa that he had cancer, because he might worry about it.....but we told him that he just need some operation to be cured. thank you very much, hope that your husband will live longer and longer, have faith in GOD.... bless us all.

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        my grandpa just recently was diagnosed with a colon cancer stage 4......the doctor just said that these damn cells had already been scattered in his lungs.....he had just been operated, and his colon had already been removed, he had this what you call a bag...where his "waste" go..... the doctor said that he need a chemotherapy badly to prolong his life, but many suggested that chemo will be too hard for a 84 yr old ...

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