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Bile Duct Cancer

I was diagnosed with ampulatory bile duck cancer in July of 2007 at which time I had a modified Whipple. The doctors said that I was stage one and therefore did not give me any chemo but continued to watch me with Cat scans and blood work on a three month basis. I was fine until March of 2009 when they discovered a small tumor on my liver which they decided to removed leporascopicaly. At that time they said that I now needed to go under chemo. The oncologist had me on five different drugs such as 5fu, Gemzar, Leukovorin and Cisplatin. Afte nine months of this regiment and many trips to the hospital, I was considered cancer free and told that I did not need any chemo for now. That was a happy day for me. It did not last long as eleven months later in January of 2011 I personally felt a tumor on my stomach. Within a week I was operated by Dr. Chabot at Columbia Presbyterian. The tumor was not attached to any organ but was attached to my abdomen. Now I am faced with the next stage of my treatment and waiting to hear from the oncologist in Columbia as to what I should do. Is there anyone out there who has had a similar history and what have they done? Chemo did not seem to keep this dreadful disease at bay. Help. Do I need to go to any other facility or check other centers. My kind of tumor is very rare and not many studies or trials or done on it. Most of the time we are being trated by pancreatic specialists as it is considred a cousin to pancreatic center. Help.

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