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    I was just diagnosed with 3 small (1 cm) brain mets. Dr. at Sloane wants to do stereotactic radiosurgery for these and a bone met that was found at the base of my skull. It was a weird thing, they diagnosed me with Bells Palsey about 6 weeks ago, classic symptoms but when they didn't resolve they did an MRI and found the mets. Looking for hopeful stories of colon cancer patients with brain mets. 

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      Has anyone tried any natural ways to raise their platelet count? My counts were boarderline for the last chemo treatment and I'm afraid that they are tanking even further. I had to have an IV yesterday for a CAT and I bled like a stuck pig. I'm supposed to have chemo on Wednesday but I'm afraid my platets will be too low. Any advice would be much appreciated. 

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        in August and September of 2012 I underwent 2 Sir Spheres procedures. My first post CAT scan showed stable tumors, last week my PET shows four new growths and some increases in existings tumors, some decreases. I am so unhappy, I thought this would be the way to get to liver resection. I'll now go to Folfori + Avastin.  Anyone else had a failed response to Sir Spheres?

        December 17, 2012 view discussion
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