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RE: life after an esophgectomy

by doingfine - Saturday at 12:35 AM

My doctors told me to eat lots of protein.  If you are on proton pump inhibitor like Nexium or Prilosec, be sure you take a good multi-vitamin.  I choose a vitamin with all the minerals also.  I buy the Walmart brand of Centrum equivalent. Hard to swallow so see if you can find a gummy kind until you swallow better or crush pill and put in applesauce.  I was on Reglan for quite awhile.  The digestive problems eventually work themselves out and you will learn the foods to avoid that cause you distress.  Certain foods caused dumping syndrome with me.  Coffee is a real offender and I do love it.

On rainy days, I still get pain in the back where tubes came out and it has been 10 years.  My doctor told me to take Tylenol as directed on the bottle.  The extra strength rapid release works best for me.  It is a slow healing process.  I was 58 at time of surgery and learned to take afternoon naps and get to bed early, even if I watched tv in bed until midnight, I needed the downtime.  You should notice real improvement by June.  This time of year tends to drain even healthy people.

Hang in there.

Stay connected with the message board. Ask lots of questions too. Many of us have gone on to live a good and full life.  Call me anytime.

RE: New here

by doingfine - December 16 at 3:38 PM

My EC was also found with a biopsy done at the time of the endoscopy.

RE: Esophagectomy age 53

by doingfine - December 16 at 3:32 PM

Nice talking with you.  You will get through this.  Everyone here is pulling for you and we all know what you are going through.  I forot to tell you that if you get gas pains, try the Maalox Multi-Symptom tablets. 

RE: asperation & constipation

by doingfine - December 16 at 1:57 PM

I am not sure about that.  I am a 10 year survivor and have been on antibiotics since mid-October for aspiration pneumonia.  I have aspirated 3 times in the last 8 weeks. I am wondering if stress is a factor.  Aspiration would occur for me a couple of times a year before.   I do know I cannot eat greasy foods, but I think there is more going on here.

Any other long term survivors having a problem with aspiration?

RE: Heart Broken

by doingfine - December 16 at 1:51 PM

Thank you Faye and Tracy.  Devistating is a good word for this.  Those of you who have walked this path know.  I have great faith, but the emptyness is huge.  Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers.

Heart Broken

by doingfine - December 03 at 2:10 PM

My husband was diagnosed with lung cancer on 11/3 and lost the battle on 11/8.  Just cannot know God's purposes or His divine will.  I survived the EC battle for over 10 years, and he lost his so quickly.  Thanking God in ALL things.....even the hurt.

RE: Why Am I Alive......?

by doingfine - October 25 at 10:06 PM

Your work here on earth is not finished.  I don't know your case, but you should be able to eat food.  Some foods will never sit right with you again. But a good many will.  I was lactose intolerant for 2 years.  Strangly enough, a small chili from Wendy's sat there quite well.  Give it some more time.  The first 2 years are the worst.  I'm a 10 year survivor.


by doingfine - August 15 at 9:21 PM

So very sorry.  Our prayers go out for you and may our Lord comfort and strengthen you. 


RE: Diet after surgery

by doingfine - August 15 at 9:19 PM

Try not to worry about your weight. I was skeleton like until about 4 years after surgery.  Now at 10 years past surgery I am rather "porkey".  The first 2 years I had difficulty with milk products and also sweet things like cake.  I still cannot eat peanut butter.  I agree wholeheartedly with using something with simethicone in it.  I still get hard cramps from gas and use Maalox Multi-symptom with simethicone.  I still get diahrea at times and I still often eat things I wish I hadn't.  I never know.  The best advice I can give is "You are alive and it will get better.  I have had a great 10 years even with the abdominal cramps, the vomiting, the acid reflux. 

At 6 months out, don't expect much.  After a year you will notice you can tolerate much more.  Keep the portions small for now and try to figure out the trigger foods that make you sick.  I had trouble with carbs. 

My doctor suggested CHILI and I thought I would never tolerate it, but it sure worked like she said.  It was a great meal and I could eat a little and reheat it later.  Try Ritz crackers for your bread.  The chicken soup is a life saver too.  Oh, how about poached egg on toast for breakfast.  Just a little.  Remember that your stomach needs to re-train itself and it will take time.  Best wishes.  It will get much better. 


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