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by doingfine - August 15 at 9:21 PM

So very sorry.  Our prayers go out for you and may our Lord comfort and strengthen you. 


RE: Diet after surgery

by doingfine - August 15 at 9:19 PM

Try not to worry about your weight. I was skeleton like until about 4 years after surgery.  Now at 10 years past surgery I am rather "porkey".  The first 2 years I had difficulty with milk products and also sweet things like cake.  I still cannot eat peanut butter.  I agree wholeheartedly with using something with simethicone in it.  I still get hard cramps from gas and use Maalox Multi-symptom with simethicone.  I still get diahrea at times and I still often eat things I wish I hadn't.  I never know.  The best advice I can give is "You are alive and it will get better.  I have had a great 10 years even with the abdominal cramps, the vomiting, the acid reflux. 

At 6 months out, don't expect much.  After a year you will notice you can tolerate much more.  Keep the portions small for now and try to figure out the trigger foods that make you sick.  I had trouble with carbs. 

My doctor suggested CHILI and I thought I would never tolerate it, but it sure worked like she said.  It was a great meal and I could eat a little and reheat it later.  Try Ritz crackers for your bread.  The chicken soup is a life saver too.  Oh, how about poached egg on toast for breakfast.  Just a little.  Remember that your stomach needs to re-train itself and it will take time.  Best wishes.  It will get much better. 


RE: I think I have throat cancer

by doingfine - June 25 at 10:17 PM

I lost a brother-in-law to throat cancer.  He was a heavy smoker and passed at 76 yrs.  He went through chemo, but he was not able to get through it.  He did have a sore throat for several months before he saw the doctor.  I have another friend whose husband was diagnosed with throat cancer and was an older man who opted not to get treatment.

Get to a GOOD doctor and begin treatment if any biopsies show cancer cells.  You are young, you are strong, and there are plenty of new drugs out that are working very well for cancer patients.  If your present doctor does not get you to a specialist then switch doctors or go out of town to a new doctor.  You are young and have soooooo very much to live for.  Don't give up.

It certainly is scarey stuff.  I am 10 years out from my surgery.  Life is great, but I do have to be very cautious about what I eat and how I sleep.  I have an adjustable bed and keep it almost all the way up.  My husband is a light sleeper and often will wake me if I slip down.  Thank God I have not aspirated in over 10 months now.  Peanuts and peanut butter was causing me to get a ton of bile and it always came up, choked me and made me asipirate and thow up.  There are foods I totally avoid because it causes more bile.  I am sure my doctor would not approve, but I keep Ritz crackers or saltines by my bed.  It is amazing how much acid, etc. one cracker will absorb.  Oh, the ginger helps too.  Just a few sips of stale-luke warm gingerale and a couple of crackers when I go to bed has helped.  Sometimes I wake up and nibble a cracker.  Best wishes to you and your hubby.  Bile is a terrible tasting thing and it burns.  I have taken to brushing my teeth with baking soda instead of toothpaste to keep my mouth from being sore from the acid. 

RE: Stomach aches

by doingfine - June 25 at 9:59 PM

Oftentimes, abdominal cramping and pains in the abdomen are from gas.  See if a product with simethicone will relieve the pains.  I still use Maalox Multi-symptom with simethicone to relieve my stomach aches.

Three months is not very long after surgery.  He will continue to improve and the side-effects will lessen a lot.  Best wishes.

RE: waiting for lab reults

by doingfine - June 05 at 8:52 PM

I am another one who was told right after the endoscopy that things did not look good.  The doctor saw my tumor right away, did a biopsy and had me set up with oncologists, etc. by the end of the week.  Let us know when you find out.  I'm praying that it is NOT EC and that it will be something else simple to fix.

RE: A Special Day

by doingfine - June 05 at 8:20 PM

Adding my congratulations for this victory.  So happy for you.  I just had my routine endoscopy and the doctor said many, many people are now surviving EC.  Hallelujah!  We are happy for each one who makes it.  May you be celebrating lots more of the 5 year anniversaries until you are both very old.

Don't give up too quickly.  If you can, get a second opinion.  The inability to swallow without pain could be coming from the radiation.  I was given a lidocaine (sp?) solution to swallow before eating or drinking when half way through radiation because the radiation had irritated my esophagus so much I could not even swallow saliva.  The radiation and chemo are to shrink the tumor to make surgery less troublesome.  I had my feeding tube for 8 months total.  I did not gain any weight until after 2 years beyond my surgery.  Then I began to gain weight and now I actually feel too heavy.  After surgery I was like a skeleton with skin stretched over.  We will pray for your Dad, that he gets the right treatments.  After radiation and chemo stop, the soreness in the areas of treatment slowly gets better.  With most of us, we just got feeling well again and went to surgery where that gave us another 6 months of side effects and needed healing.

Best wishes.  Keep hopeful.

I am rather surprised you did not get a diet to follow.  The terrible abdominal pains could be gas, but you could follow up with your doctor.  I use multi-symptom Maalox with simethicone to help with gas pains.  They were terrible in the beginning.  The diet my surgeon gave me said to avoid coffee, tea, carbonated beverages, acid type juices (eg. orange juice or cranberry juice) and all fried foods.  I also learned that for the first 2 years I was lactose intolerant so every time I ate dairy, I had awful stomach pain.  I am a 10 year survivor and many of those problems have now disappeared.   Don't give up the first 8 months after surgery are pretty bad and it took me 2 years to be able to eat things like a small piece of cake or a small dip of ice cream.  The first couple of years I stuck pretty close to the diet.

Hang in there.  It will get better.

RE: Weakness and low energy

by doingfine - May 12 at 9:36 PM

My surgery was end of May 2004 and it wasn't until end of October to Mid-November 2004 before I felt good.  Low energy, lots of coughing, mucous, some vomiting and dumping.  When healing comes it will be fine because by that Thanksgiving I invited company in to have dinner with us and it was great.

Keep him walking and exercising and keep him encouraged that he will feel good again one day, but 2 months after surgery is a little too soon to feel on top of the world.  Even after 10 years I get some of the after effects.  I don't look back except to say I am so glad I am alive and made it to now.  He will always know he had a pretty tough operation, but life does get very good again.  Best wishes.

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