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    I remember seeing a list of major stress things in our lives. Death of close relative was one, moving, getting married, having a child, new job some of the others. I could be wrong but I don't think a lot of drs view the losses due to death as such a serious toll it takes on us left behind. My primary who knew me and Phil for 30 yrs thought that at 6 months I shouldn't be crying! He wanted me to go on drugs for depr...

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      The past couple weeks it seems that there have been so many reminders of Phil's terminal illness and all it encompassed. Was near where we caught the train to go to Philly for treatments not once but twice. Today I traveled with my SIL over the Ben Franklin Bridge. Parked my car in the same lot because I would be taking the train back to NJ. She's been widowed a yr and half now and my brother has been on my min...

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        Hi Eternalife   Interesting annalogy. I don't know if I would call it PTSD in the standard way it means... associated with trauma from wars or abuse but so many things do bring back the times of Phil's illness, especially this week for me.  Monday I went out shopping with my DIL and we ended up at a shopping center near where Phil and I would park the car and hop on the train going to Philly for his t...

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          Linda   The first gastro drs really goofed for my Phil. several months of dilations that started on Dec 31, 2009. A stent that was removed and a biopsy where they told us it was NOT cancer. June 16 of 2010 we drove over to U of Penn. He had pneumonia in both lungs due to the hole the tumor had made.Could not eat or drink.  When they told us it was cancer I asked...how can that be? we were just tol...

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            Linda  I can only tell you about my husband's personal experience with stents: During the course of my husband's EC he had a total of 4 stents. The first drs took one out after a couple of months for no apparent reason. They even said he didn't have cancer. When he was finally diagnosed 6 months later the tumor had eaten away and there was a hole. food and liquids were passing into the lungs. He ended up in...

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              I have spent the past 4 thanksgivings without Phil. The one before it, his last in 2010, we spent in the U of Penn hospital. He would get another stent that week in hopes he would eat again. Which he did for several months before he died. Just sharing that day with him was a treasure. Today I decided to spend with the man who has brought laughter and music back into my life. But I cried so this mornin...

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                Saturday evening I got a call from my cousin Beth(more like my little sister). Her mom Charlotte had passed away that morning(who was more like my big sister while I was growing up many years in her parents house). Charlotte been diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2006 but declined all medical treatment and was doing very well physically until the day before she passed. The very sad thing was th...

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                  Saramarie    At some point you might look up a book called: "Feathers Brush My Heart"  the author is Sinclair Lewis.  There are several stories within it all written by daughters whose moms have passed. I was drawn to the book back in 2001. I could not tell you why. I just was. I didn't think it would really pertain to me because my mom died when I was less than three weeks old and we never g...

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                    Dear Saramarie   Thank you for sharing your love and experience. As a hospice nurse for over 20 years I will tell you that quite a few times a patient will wait until family members leave to pass on. They sometimes sent them shopping. Please don't beat yourself up. The day my husband died we were both in the living room. He was laying on the sofa watching baseball and I was curled up in a c...

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                      Yes we do all grieve in our own ways with our own time table. Children of different ages grieve differently than at other ages. But it is still an individual thing. Spouses grief differently than children of any age. No one knows how it will feel until they have actually gone thru it. Even as a compassionate hospice nurse for over 20 yrs experiencing it myself was quite different. Oh I knew the stages to come b...

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