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    This is my first time ever putting a comment on line. It is so negligent and irresponsible for anyone to medically suggest what is right  or wrong in he treatment of this disease. Collective heads to be examined? Are you serious?? My cousin is a 20 year survivor (with lumpectomy and radiation); my Aunt a 12 year survivor-lumpectomy. I must have 6 friends who have had breast cancer...only one opted for mastectomy...

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      Thanks for the reply. Same as my husband. He is on 15 mg 2 x day..having bloodwork Friday. He tried Revlimid...had to stop due to WBC issues..

      September 12, 2012 view post
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        Thanks Robert for your reply. We were made aware prior to starting the drug of potential side effects to watch for, etc. Did your post (18 years) mean you have lived with this disease for 18 years?

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          My 64 year old husband has suffered from Myleofibrosis for 5 years. His hemo just started him on low dose of Jakafi. Has anyone had experience with this new drug? Any timeframe that drug starts to help with symptoms. Thanks.

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