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On Dec 08, 2010 4:04 PM Drudell wrote:

I was diagnosed with stage 4 RCC in 2006 with cancer on left kidney, lungs and under stomach.  They did remove my left kidney at that time.  I took 7 rounds of sutent and all tumors were gone.  Lot of side effects but was well worth it.  Do not lose hope,  

have you ever undergo for biopsy before you take sutent? 

On Sep 29, 2011 1:02 AM LadyBugzNface wrote:

Hello everyone, My name is Trisha, and my husband was diagnosed with RCC in 2009! His symptoms started while we were on vacation, he started peeing blood. So we headed home and in our local hospital emergency department, thru cat scan and ultrasound, they found a football size tumor on his right kidney. We were refered to a urologist, who then booked him for a radical left nepherectomy. Sept. 13,2009 my husband had his surgery, did well thru surgery, as they told him in our follow up appointment that they got it all, and that he was 95% cured!! And would need follow ups every 6 months for at least 2 years.

           Nevertheless they wanted my husband to come in for a follow up Cat scan, and low and behold they found a spot in his pancreas,  mets from the RCC, they decided to watch it for a bit and one spot turned into 4 spots, in the body, tail and 2 in the head of the pancreas.  As of Sept 16,2010 my husband had  the Wiple procedure, he is now Type 1 diabetic.  When he went for his follow up tests, they discovered his RCC has spread to his left lung. We then were referred to a thorasic surgen, who then booked my husband for the RCC mets to be removed thru laparoscopy. April 2011. It was a successful venture.

                    As we went for his follow up cat scans, they discovered the RCC has metastisized to his right lung, lymph nodes, and his left kidney as the choose then to tell us, that the RCC in his left kidney has been there, but they decided to keep an eye on it, well it grew, its the size of a golf ball.

       After many appointments later, he was refered to our Oncologist. So basically they told us, he had between 2 weeks and 5 Years! (Its already been 2 years). They finally tell us, He is stage IV RCC. And from the research of myself and our oncologist, as well as the tumor board, but my husband has a rare type of RCC. And Sutent is the last thing. As he is palliative..

    As of now Sept 28/11, My husband has started his third round of Sutent 50mg. He goes for his follow up cat scan in the next few weeks! keepin fingures crossed!!

My thoughts and prayers go to everyone!!


Hugz Trisha

hello, i need your help or some suddestion, i dunno what to do were here at the hospital,,my father was diagnosed stage 4 kidney cancer, he finishd all the lab test aside from biopsy,,,the doctors said there no cure at all, even operation is cant be, hus doctors adviced me to do some biopsy, but theres a risk behind it, so prefer to not to do biopsy, it is possible he can take sutent even my father will not undergo for biopsy?

anyone here could answer me....

Hello, would you mind if i will ask if you do biopsy before you take sutent? 

hi, im Grazel from Phillippines, i read all your blogs about cancer, my father was diagnosed stage 4 kidney cancer and spread to lungs,, his doctors refused to do some operation because it may get worse after the surgery, after i heard that bad news i cried so much, doctor said there is no way at all to heal my father. my concerns is how can i get the sunitinib or afinitor.

we need help.....i want my father live longer....

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