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    Hello, i father went for a ct scan in september and waited six weeks to find out the results of the scan, he was told he had a tumour on his pancreas and would need to have an operation called wipples. he went in for this operation but once we returned to see my dad we were told that the tumour was too big and was wrapped around a main artuary, so the surgeon bypassed the tumour moved my dads stomach and done somethi...

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      My father was supposed to have whipple op but on the day of the surgery i met the surgoen who only talked about if the op was unsuccessfull what he would do, not to my surprise he didnt carry out the whipples but bypassed the tumour and moved my dads stomoch, im wondering if anyone knows of a sureon who would be skilled enough to carry this op out even if it means removing or working close to main arturies??

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