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    thank you !! i am gonna enjoy this miracle for how ever long it lasts cause in my mind i didnt think it was even possible

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      thank you so very much for your reply, meant a lot to me. i am also sorry you lost your dad as well. i too feel if i lost my siblings id lose part of me, i have two brothers,but because my younger brother wasnt born till i was nearly 15, me and my older brother have a much closer bond, so yes, i will enjoy this miracle, i will make so much better use of the time i have with him now. and..thank you again for your repl...

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        yesterday my brother who lost a kidney and was dx'd with stage 4 kidney cancer which spread to his lung and liver, gave me the best news ever, his recent scans are clean and even thoigh he must continue to take his cancer pill another yr, i am realizing how big a miracle this is, but i lost my dad to cancer, sept 12, 2011, an uncle to cancer july 4, 2012, and a aunt to cancer/my dads last sibling to cancer the tuesda...

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