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    I was so sorry to hear about your loss.Although no words can really help to ease the loss you bear, just know that you are very close in our every thought and prayer. Robert is resting with the lord. Just know, whoever you hold in the heart of you is forever and always a part of you.   With prayers  

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      Is there anyone having experienced with liver transplant for inoperable liver metastases from CRC? Is this a good idea? Please respond. Flashback: In Nov 2011, my 27 year old wife was diagnosed with sigmoid colon Ca, multiple metastases to liver which was told inoperable. Gone through 9 cycles of chemo, Xeloda+Oxaliplatin+Avastin. Liver tumors shrunk about half but as per liver surgeons still not operable....

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        Thank you Shitul, Sandy, Sedonaskip for your advice. I value your advice. As I mentioned in my previous posting, so far my wife has completed 6 rounds of chemo. Tomorrow is the day of her seventh round. Moreover there will be a CT scan also tomorrow to assess the treatment progress up to round six. Now I am very anxious and a bit nervous too regarding how the result will looks like, as our first CT scan after third ...

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          Hi all.I am from India. I think I am too late to join discussion here.   My wife 26 year old has diagnosed stage 4 CC on 04thNov 2011, with numerous mets in both lobes of liver. Largest one was 12X11 CM in right lobe. My oncologist told me that, a colon resection is not required right now as there is no bowl obstruction. A liver resection was not possible because of innumerable lesions in both lobes. Doct...

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