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    In general this is correct. External beam ionozing radition, whether or not it's fractionated into many doses over time, is very high energy X-rays, the equivalent of Gamma radiation. It **cannot** create any radionuclides (aka radioactive isotopes) inside your body. There is NO residual radiation at any time afterward, for any length of time. There are two notable exceptions. Infusion of a radioactive Iodine is ofte...

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      Dave . . . I'm no expert in interpreting your pathology report, but I'd be more concerned about the Squamous Cell Carcinoma than the Basal Cell, and attempting to have it dealt with more promptly. The issue here is how invasive the SCC is . . . if it's invaded below the epidermis into the dermis with access to spreading through they lymph and blood capillaries with the potential for metastasizing, more often through ...

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        Nobody can really answer your question beyond telling you that it doesn't happen overnight, or even in a week, or in less than a month. Beyond that, it's an enormous "it depends" on much too many things that can affect speed of progression. Melanoma, though, is NOT a slow cancer compared to some others (basal cell and the more common squamous cell carcinomas), and it's not one to be trifled with because of how easily...

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          Annie,I'm a Stage IV squamous cell carcinoma head/neck survivor and was diagnosed at age 57, 3-3/4 years ago (Feb 2010). Origin wasn't tonsil, but it had metastasized into a half-dozen lymph nodes in my neck and was forming extensions into the parotid gland on that side (a major salivary gland alongside the lower jaw). I continue to be "NED" (no evidence of disease) or more precisely, no evidence of any internal mets...

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            I agree with Marti . . . do NOT delay in having it checked out. Melanoma is a serious cancer as it can readily metastasize to anywhere in your body. The sooner you have this mole dealt with, the better. It cannot be diagnosed from your picture . . . you MUST have it biopsied. Your description of its recent changes are definite causes for concern and determining definitively what it is (i.e. biopsy). I've had shave a...

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              Hi, Hopefully you'll get a reply about the tumor size . . . but as this is an older thread you may or may not get one, and it may take a while. I will give you some general information about cancer staging . . . Staging isn't just the size of the "primary" tumor. A "TNM" system is used. It's a combination of "primary" tumor size (T), how many regional lymph nodes the cancer has metastisized to and their size (N), a...

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                "I'm sure glad I had TOMO radiation and don't have to worry about this anymore.  After the few weeks to jump start my taste buds, my salivary production is very good thanks to TOMO.  Diana" It's not very clear to me how this meaningfully and constructively furthered the discussion about citrus fruit and citric acid usage to cope with radiation induced xerostomia.

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                  Citric acid is a saliva stimulant. When clinically measuring salivation, the volume of saliva over a given period of time is measured. Citric acid is then swished around inside the mouth and the volume of saliva is measured again. It should be greater. I've been through the measurement process a couple times. The citric acid used by a hospital, as prepared by their pharmacy, is nothing to write home about; it's not v...

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                    MD Anderson was one of the first three comprehensive cancer centers in the U.S. established by congressional act in 1971. Over the past decade, they have consistently been ranked as the #1 cancer treatment center in the U.S. In addition to patient care and treatment, they are a degree-granting teaching institution, and they serve as the research facility for two major universities. I'd have no problem whatsoever bein...

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                      Oooohhhh . . . the infamous mask . . . with nine bolts . . . I can still hear them snapping down one by one on the table. Took me a couple weeks to adjust to it as (1) I'm prone to claustrophobia, and (2) do not like to spend much time on my back due to frequent sinus drainage and swollen sinuses, plus breathing isn't always the easiest with a deviated septum. Coping Strategies:(1) Kept my eyes closed to make #2 eas...

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                      Stage IV SCC originating from SCC skin cancer on neck. IMVHO the staging for mine is anomalous due to rigid, somewhat simplistic staging rules, and is actually closer to Stage III (under prior rules it would have been classed Stage III). A modified radical neck dissection removed the original skin lesion near back of jaw, 22 regional lymph nodes, and the parotid gland on that side. Pathology found original skin lesion (already knew this from punch biopsy) plus 6 regional lymph nodes involved with SCC (we already knew about 2 of them from fine needle biopsies). Surgery was followed by 31 daily sessions of adjuvant radiation therapy which was finished mid-April 2010. Coping with various, very long-term and/or permanent radiotherapy side effects including some ongoing fatigue (the thyroid is still functioning well) and major xerostomia (lack of saliva) which causes numerous dental and eating issues and is a general PITA.

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