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    To me, that really does seem like excessive treatment.  My wife's initial diagnosis was uncertain, so MD Anderson treated it as a grade 3 oligo to be on the safe side, and that was still less aggressive than your treatment.  She had Temodar only. After seeing two years' worth of MRIs, they concluded that it was a grade 2.

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      My wife has been on topamax (Topiramate) for nearly two years without the side effects you mention.  So far, no seizures at all. 

      The main side effect she has had is weight loss. 

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        By "normal" I mean more or less feeling like you did before Temodar. 

        My wife finished her 18 months of Temodar about 6 weeks ago, and she doesn't seem to feel like her old self yet. She's okay, but not 100%.

        I suppose this could be attributed to the meds she still takes (topamax and klonopin), but I feel like it's the Temodar.

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          We're in Houston now, and went to MDA this week. For months we've seen no change in my wife's MRIs, and the most recent was no different.The NO showed us a side-by-side comparison of the newest MRI and one of the first ones from a year and a half ago. To my untrained eye, they looked the same, but the doctor pointed out areas that had a lighter color, but no identifiable tumor. Those areas now are clear in the new MR...

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            After 18 months of Temodar, 5/23, my wife is finally off chemo.  She has felt awful through the entire course of treatment, but considering this is chemotherapy, she's done great. We go for yet another MRI this week, then back to MD Anderson for their opinion.  My wife has already decided she's finished with chemo, so if they say they want her to stay on it, they'd better have a really good reason. Unfort...

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              I saw this video online today, and I wonder if there's anything to it.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeA84udy7hY An existing OTC drug has been found effective in reducing tumors, but it is not profitable enough for drug companies to perform clinical trials.   The wikipedia article for the drug specifically mentioned GBM: ""An ideal therapy should increase GBM apoptosis, overcome the molecu...

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                Hi guys.  I'd like to request that people please update your profile to include information about your diagnosis and treatment (or, as in my case, the info about your loved one).  Some of you post comments about your treatment, or complications, etc., but without the context of your cancer history, it is difficult for others to respond competently.  I find myself clicking your profiles often.&nbs...

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                My wife was diagnosed with Oligodendroglioma grade II in November, 2009... shortly after her 49th birthday. MRI shows it has spread to other parts of the brain, and doctors tell us that it is possibly a grade III, but it's too risky to biopsy that deep in the brain. She does have the 1p 19q deletions. She started Temodar in January 2010. After 12 months of treatment, she was told she'd have to keep taking the Temodar another six months (now complete). Live is starting to get back to normal. We have been married 28 years. We were teenagers when we met, and have always been inseperable.

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