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    I'm not a smoker and never have been but I've been around it my entire life. I hate it and I hate what it does to people. My Dad, Mom, sister and two brothers have smoked forever. My Mom quit 20 years prior to her death of a stroke.  My Dad quit smoking in 1990 and died 2009 (COPD). My Maternal Gfather died of lung cancer, 2 maternal Aunt's died of pancreatic cancer another of lung cancer. Maternal Unc...

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      Thank you and I'm so sorry about your Dad. I do pray Johnny's ending will be different. I did find a survivor in Jackson, TN a 60 yr old woman her story is almost like his except her's spread to her lungs.  It's been over two years and she takes a chemo maintenance pill right now.  She feels great but says she will NEVER do the chemo cocktail again. I feel blessed that we have got to keep Johnny for five mo...

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        Hi my name is Jewel and my cousin Johnny was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in October 2012, He has had surgery and 3 month of treatment with Cemzar? It did nothing the cancer spread and now he is on four different kinds of chemo in a coctail that took 46 hours thru his port to finish. His side effects are awful and he is so weak. I'm trying to find people that has beat this Cancer to prove to him there are survivo...

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