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Esophageal Cancer
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I am the son of a man who has survived 3 years after oesophageal cancer was diagnosed He's had the operation to remove the tumor. He is one hell of a fighter and we are so proud of him. It has now spread to the liver and we are desperatly trying to fight this one with him. I don't care what people say, but MOST doctors are not trained to listen to their patients. Their phsycology training is crap. Cancer to them means stick them in a room with morphine until they fade away. The doctor we had denied the cancer had come back and we were all mistified to what the hell else the problem was. Anyway we were right yet again - I don't fel better for that. Anyway - I am a big believer in natural remedies. I do believe ESSIAC helped my father. I do believe cancer can be beaten NATURALLY - it's just people are too frightened to try - and I think I would be too.

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