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RE: Esophagus Cancer

by jripsky - January 30, 2015

I was diagnosed with Stage 3 E/C in april 2007, did 5 weeks chemo and radiation. Was operated on in July 2007. There is no sign of cancer now. Am now without 75 % of stomack and esophagus. I am now under a new normal and been there for sometime, I am able to do everything I did before just not as fast nor as hard. The list of things I do is long, horse back riding, taking care of them, golfing, fishing, taking care of my property, three gardens ETC. I just had open heart surgery Oct 31'st. Am now 74 years old. Life is great.If you have any questions call me.

RE: cancer has an odor?

by jripsky - October 16, 2013

Yes, there is a smell. I think it comes from the killing of cells during chemo and radiation. At least that is when mine and at least three other people had it. Two of my Doctors agreed with me that it was from the dead cells.

RE: 1 year post esophagectomy

by jripsky - September 05, 2013

I am six years out from my esophagectomy. yes hunger will come back, in fact you will be eating everything thst you did before. Just keep in mind, you shoiuld always be eating smaller meals, six to eight time a day.

My expiereance is, this new normal is, I stlll do everything I did before E/C just not as hard or as much. But I am 73 years old and a my kids tell me " Dad you have to slow down some day".

I am six years out from discovery of E/C, Radiation, Chemo & surgery. Yes I would have the feeding tube put in. Mine was in for 45 days, glad I had it with the after surgery problems.

This will not be a easy journey, but it will work. I now live a new normal, I still do all I did before E/C just not as much nor as hard. But than as my family says, you are 72 years old and there is a time to slow down. Yes life will change but, I am still on the same side of the grass that my horses eat from.

Have a positive attitude, and lots of careing help. 

I am five years out, still have back pain from the radiation. They only thing that helps that is riding my horse. Still have some other pain, but it is nothing compared to the way it was right after the surgery, I call this my new normal. None of it is bad enough to stop me from doing what I want to.

In other words it will get better every day.

RE: looking for support

by jripsky - February 01, 2013

Two things that helped me, sea bands, from walgreens and lots of water. Pills did not help .

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I am a 5 year survior, had chemo, radiation and esophgectomy in 2007. This new normal is OK as I am still doing everything I did before E/C, just not as much. But than I am 72 years old.

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