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    I couldn't agree more! I am a GBM4 survivor, and one of the most important things for you to do is to never subscribe to the "when it comes back" mentality. You have to focus on making sure it doesn't come back....and there are ways to do that (for me it was naturopathic treatment....in other words, no radiation and no chemo). If you want a "conventional" treatment option, then I would echo some of the other p...

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    I am a survivor of a stage four glioblastoma multiforme (GBM4).

    I was diagnosed in the ER following a debilitating headache, and found myself having a craniotomy and resection of the tumor a mere two days later. Following surgery, I was told by various doctors that I absolutely HAD to pursue radiation and/or chemotherapy treatment, but despite their insistance, I chose none of their "conventional" post-surgical treatment methods, and instead opted for a naturopathic, non-toxic "alternative" therapy. This was the best decision I ever made as my chosen course of therapy rendered me healthy and cancer-free without being exposed to deadly radiation or toxic poisons.

    I am now living a healthy, active, and happy life. I have learned a lot in my journey, and as a member of cancercompass I hope I can offer my support, help, and/or guidance to others dealing with cancer (brain or otherwise) and to remind everyone that a cancer diagnosis NEVER has to be a death sentence!

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