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    Hi there, I had surgery 3 months ago and now doing chemo. After 3 months, i still have some pain in my stomach so the doctor let me do the colonscopy last week and I got colon adhesion at the joint place. My doctor ask me to switch to low-fiber diet and add no more. Now I am very worried since I dont know how long I have to continue low fiber diet since I mostly eat vegetatbles. Can the adhesion resolve itself? I am...

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      Is there anyone there can help me? I have stage 2 colon cancer. Now doing 5 FU the 3rd round. Before the surgery My CEA : 1.3 and CA 19-9 : 99.6. So the main attention to monitor is toward CA 19-9.as the CEA is not increasing. After the sugery 1 month, CEA: 4.3 and CA 19-9:40.6( which is still high, the normal one should be below 27). Now after the 2nd round of Chemo, the CEA: 1.8 ( normal < 2.5) but the CA 19-9 ...

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        I am female, 26 year old. I had colon cancer stage 2.had surgery to remove half of my colon already. Now i am having 5fu chemo 3/6 rounds.still half way to go. But sofar i have problem passing stools sometimes.i make me worried so much. Now i am living in fear of a recurrence. Since iam still too young, it becomes a very scary picture for me. I am researching about how to keep colon clean and maintain colon movement....

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          I have colon cancer stage 2. Now under Chemo. I read lots of paper and they said that cancer thrive on acid condition. I am kind of worried how to control it after treatment to prevent a recurrence. Do I need to avoid fruits that have lots of acid? Do I need to refrain from Vinegar? Thank you very much,

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            Thank you everyone for your advice. By the way, what kind of supplements I should take to support my body during chemo? my doctor only give B1, B6 and Philorpa-s ( to protect my liver) What else should I consider taking? some people I saw take Selenium and vitamin C as well. Should I take those as well?

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              During my Chemo period, my doctor prescribed me to take vitamin B1, B6 250mg twice/day. Do you know why need to take B1, B6? since I feel it hard to get to sleep when I take these vitamin.

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