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    October 16,2012 it will be 1 year since my beloved passed & went to be with Jesus. I am still grieving every day, reliving his last days, He went to Hospice from the hospital 10-11-11. I could write a book about the period from July, 2010 to currently. He started with Cellulitis & spent 1 week in the hospital. He had the tumor then, we just didn't know yet. We found out 8-9-10 that he had GBMIV. He went throu...

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      I lost my husband 10/16/11 to Brain Cancer GBM. On his second surgery the surgeon inserted 6 Gliadel Wafers which we weren't aware they were going to be put in and at the yime we didn't know the dangerous side effects. He got inflammation, infections, pneumonia from asperating his food and ended up having a tube put in his head to drain the infection from both ventricles and antibiotics galore for infection in his sp...

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      My husband was DX 9/08/10 with GBM Multeform Grade IV when he had surgery. He went through 5 weeks of radiation and then went for Avastin treatments every two weeks. Every two months he had a MRI, His memory wasn't too awfully bad but his judgment on things wasn't very good. Last Winter 2010 he used our snow blower and even helped some neighbors. Summer 2011 he mowed our grass with his John Deere and trimmed and planted Day Lillies for me as they are easy to take care of. He went to the YMCA and would walk a mile or two and when weather was good he would walk outside. His son came with his family and they all went to the Zoo which I couldn't do cause I have Asthma. He was doing well. He went to bed early every night and would take a nap usually every day. He ate good too. In August 2011 he was DX with another tumor and decided to have all of it removed that could be. The surgeon put 6 Gliadel Wafers in the brain which we knew nothing about and did not know of the side effects which could be deadly. Well, he came home 3 days after surgery which was 8-19-11 and 3 days later he started getting a severe headache which he had not had previously. He ended up not being able to walk and went to the Hospital by Ambulance. After 3 days he was home again and 2 days later 8-31-11 he went by ambulance again and never made it back home. The wafers caused inflamation and his wound wasn't healing. He was on steroids but did not want to eat. On 9-7-11 surgeon went in again and cleaned out infection and found a pin hole where brain fluid was seeping out. Instead of going in to see about infection near brain, he just sealed up the pin hole and left the bone flap in. They decided to send him to in-patient rehab and his memory was bad (short term). He tried his best to get better. Our daughter and I went down to see his do his therapy and he did pretty well and was able to give himself a shower and with help dry off. I noticed drainage from his wound which the nurses had not. The next day he developed a terrible headache and did not want to eat. Early the next morning he vomited and they took him for a MRI and the said everything was OK. On Sunday I fed him Spaghetti which he loved. His hand was shaking too bad to feed himself. Afterhis last bite he vomited everything up and he had asperated his food first. He ended up with Pneumonia and thet moved him to the 2nd floor. He still had drainage. All thet did was put a bandage on it. At first it wasn't even covered. He also had a seizure and the nurse did not know what was wrong with him. His Oncologost wanted to talk with me so our daughter went with me and we told him how his head was positioned and his eyes open wide but not responding. We also told him about the drainage which he did not like. He spoke to the surgeon the next day Thursday 9-29-11 and the Oncologist uped his seizure meds and an Infectious Disease Dr came to see him and ordered a MRI. Well, because of negligence he now had infection in BOTH of his ventricles and his spine and pneumonia. The only thing the surgeon could do was to insert a drainage tube in the left side of his head to drain the infection. He had to lay on his back or right side only. He had not eaten except for supper the night before his surgery and nothing after the tube was put in. He told me he was hungry and I felt so sorry for him. I told him he had to wake up better so he could eat. Well, the nurse put a feeding tube in his nose and all he got was Glucerna as he was a diabetic.

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