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    I have been in a place similar to where you are now.  My dad was diagnosed with GBM in May 2010.  We spent countless hours researching options, alternatives, etc.  There is so much to know; yet, science clearly does not have the answer to GBM.  Some things were did early on that may be of help: - Read and print the information published by Ben Williams - it is initially confusing, ...

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      Margaret, I am terribly sorry for your loss, as well as for the loss your family endured during this horrible battle.  As I write this, I am witnessing my dad in his final days.  He was moved to an in-patient hospice facility last evening, which (I feel a bit guilty admitting) has been a bit of a relief for us.  We, too, pray that he finds peace in this time.  The battle with GBM began May ...

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        I'm interested in finding out if anyone in the CC brain cancer community has had experiences using DCA.  My dad doesn't have much time left, but maybe this is something to consider...(?)  Would appreciate any thoughts or experiences...I'm reading a lot about it tonight (thank you, Google). :)

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          Took my dad to Dana Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) on Wednesday.  MRI showed that the beast has now taken over.  Two months ago, tumor was stable.  Now, it is headed toward his brain stem.  They are saying he likely has 8-12 weeks, perhaps 3 months, with much of that end time not being active. I just don't get it...he is walking around, talking, driving, working in the yard, and feeling pretty gr...

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          My dad was diagnosed with GBM following a craniotomy 5/28/10. He passed 10/31/11.

          He initially underwent 6 wks radiation + low-dose Temodar. Took higher dose Temodar thereafter, but MGMT gene was activated and he was over the age of 70 (and the temodar alone was not effective). He entered into a clinical trial for Temodar+XL-765, but failed 12/2010 - due to significant tumor re-growth and swelling. He changed his diet dramatically, added various supplements, maintained exercise regimen, etc. My dad was treating at Cape Cod Hospital (not a good experience!) and Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, MA. On 05/11/2011, my dad was told the tumor was growing significantly again - Avastin seemed to have failed. Tumor spreading to occipital lobe and brain stem, and the doctors estimated that he had 8-12 weeks left. He continued with Avastin for 3 more treatments, until 7/6/2011. We watched him deteriorate before our eyes. In Sept 2011, he began to tell us that he thought each day would be his last. Due to recurrent falls and inability to get out of bed without assist, he was moved to an in-patient hospice facility 10/07/2011. He passed away 10/30/2011 at 11:11 AM, 11 years to the day that my brother passed. Our grief is beyond words...we know we did all we could, that he did all he could, that GBM desperately needs to be cured. Love and miss you, Dad...

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