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    it will get better. We all go through this to one degree or another. ginger ale and ginger helped me. I could eat only very small portions and only soft foods. Medications like zophran worked for me.  god blessi

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      Hi Paul, I am a 3 year survivor of stage 3 EC. I am a believer also. I would not have made it this far without him. Yes they told me to get things in order so I expected to die quickly but they were wrong. I work part time and am enjoying life with my wife and son. Yes you can be a long time survivor also, stay positive and dont waste time on things you can't control. Let God drive.   God bless you all

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      I had stage 3 EC went through 28 radiations and 2 rounds of 5fu and cisplatin and in Nov 2008 had the surgury to remove 3/4 of my esophagus and half of my stomach. Have had 2 ct scans and am clear. God works wonders.

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