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     Hi, Sorry for your news.  We recevied the same news on 20.1.12.  My husband had been on Avastin and Campto since August 2011.  After 3 mths the 2 new tumours had stayed the same in size.  In January 2012, they had tripled in size.  Avastin and campto stopped.  The only other option was Stereotactic Radio Surgery.  Normal full brain radiation was not an option as he had had his...

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      On Nov 12, 2011 9:39 PMloveiseternalwrote: Hello all. I have been reading and posting on here since May 2010. Most of the people that were on here at that time have moved on, so the majority of you don't know me that well. Anyway, my profile gives the history of my husband's battle with GBM--we are at 21 months now.  He started on Avastin at the end of September and did two cycles.  It did not s...

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        onHi, how does one check one's MGMT status?...

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          My husband has done so very well on temodal over the last 13 mths since surgical removal of tumor in right temporal lobe gbm. All MRI's have been stable. On 1/8/11 MRI indicated 2 new tumours deep in right temporal lobe quite some way from original site. Radiation is not an option as the new site was radiated 80% with original tumor. Neurosurgeon says too risky to operate as near brain stem. The only option is ...

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            my husband, Leslie has being doing fantastically for the last 13 months after surgery with diagnosis gbm. This afternoon while driving home from our village centre the familiar surrounding environment become unfamiliar to him. When he drove into our home street he felt he was elsewhere, a place he had never seen before. He did not recognize our house. The sky and trees gave off a bright yellow tone. Can anyone plea...

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            On 28 May 2010, my 49 year old husband, Leslie Phillips was diagnosed with right frontal lobe GBM. On 1st June the tumour was removed. He has since had 6 weeks radiation (60Gy) and oral chemo (Temadol). One month off and on 1 September 2010 he had his post treatment MRI. Results were unclear: evidence of either scar tissue or tumour regrowth. 3 September starts 1st 5 day cycle of chemo to last 6 months. Another scan in 4 weeks - 29 September 2010. Scan revealed "similar to previous scan" I understand this to be a good result. We are happy. Next scan in 2 months. It is now 20th March 2011, and leslie is improving everyday. The last MRI in Feb, shown no further growth. Leslie is on his 8th cycle of Temodal. His weight loss has stabilized. His appetite is back! All is good in sunny South Africa!! We travelled to Mozambique recently, and loved it!19/04/11 leslie is doing amazingly well. He started his 9th cycle of temadol today, and his blood results are still very good. MRI booked for 4 May. Hoping and praying that MRI will mirror positive blood results.MRI on Wednesday, 4 May 2011 had a wonderful result of no further tumor growth STABLE. Yippee!! 12 months of Temodal. Will continue with Temodal until next MRI in first week of Aug 2011.We received the worst news ever today! MRI shows two new lesions some way off from original tumor. Rather close to brain stem therefore surgery is not an option. Cannot radiate as area has already received 80% in original radiation of first tumor. Avastin to begin this week.
            (10 august 2011). WOW!, I still finding this so difficult to comprehend after Leslie has been doing so very well over the last year on temodal.?
            Lost the love of my life and soulmate exactly 10 months ago today, on 9 July 2012. Life does not go on ....

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