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    My previous post (2nd Line Treatment Option ?s for Stage IV Colon Cancer) didn't get any response, so I thought I'd try again.  Anyone w/ colon cancer + mets to peritoneum do HIPEC?  My 67 year old father (stage 4 colon mets liver & peritoneum, liver mets gone) did 24 rounds of chemo (FOLFOX, but only 6 months of Oxi + metmab/placebo). We met w/Dr. Staley at Emory yesterday and learned he was a g...

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      My 67 year old father (Stage IV Colon Cancer Mets to Liver) has finished 1 year on a clinical trial with 5FU + metmab or placebo. he only did 6 months of Oxiliplatin) after he had surgery to remove part of his colon 11/2011. We've learned that his CEA is rising (I know some docs don't care about CEA) and that some of the lesions are growing a bit. The mets to the liver seems to be gone. We've decided to come off this...

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