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    I have just had my LEEP about 4 days ago and though most people have had no trouble with recovery, I am having the worst time of it. I was prepared for the surgery as I've had at least 2 and a half years to mull it over but I had no idea that my recovery was going to be like this. I've already had to go to the ER 2 days later because the mix of the knock out stuff (which turned out to be a cocktail of things) a beta...

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      Hello I figured since I just went through this (Had my LEEP on the 7th of this month) and I also had a very caring OBGYN that maybe I can answer some of your questions. I'm 22 and mine was caught very early but a few of these questions you have were brought up in conversation during my last biopsy and PRE OP appointment. To your first question my doctor uses a mixture that contains vingar and it has been showen th...

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        I've had HPV since I was 20 and I turn 23 this year. My OBgyn gave me an extra year to fight this off myself but it didn't quite work. Since cancer is on both sides of my family, they don't want it to progress further.  I am scheduled to have my LEEP procedure on Februrary 7th. Originally I was going to have a freezing treatment done but my last biopsy results came back that I was close to developing cancer in ...

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