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by mirandaella - February 11, 2013

I have just had my LEEP about 4 days ago and though most people have had no trouble with recovery, I am having the worst time of it. I was prepared for the surgery as I've had at least 2 and a half years to mull it over but I had no idea that my recovery was going to be like this.

I've already had to go to the ER 2 days later because the mix of the knock out stuff (which turned out to be a cocktail of things) a beta blocker and the pain meds I was given caused problems that weren't listed or talked about that could possibly happen. If you have a medical history that has you being sentive to certian things then please do go over this with your doctor because this is not something you want to deal with over the weekend when the only medical care you have access to is your local hospital.

Hello I figured since I just went through this (Had my LEEP on the 7th of this month) and I also had a very caring OBGYN that maybe I can answer some of your questions. I'm 22 and mine was caught very early but a few of these questions you have were brought up in conversation during my last biopsy and PRE OP appointment.

To your first question my doctor uses a mixture that contains vingar and it has been showen that it can highlight infected areas on the cervix that is exposed and scraped during your pap smears. That could be what she meant by visible. To break down what is causing the reaction will be viewed through a microscope.

2. Every surgery treatment is different and usually tailored to every indivudual. Sometimes your ovaries are left in but if given the option, you may consider having them removed as Ovarian Cancer tends to show up the older you get. They usually leave them in for hormonal reasons but there are pills, patches, and injections that are part of Hormoneal Replacement Therapy. I wish I could confirm or deny your question about chemo but again, that will be tailored to your surgery and recovery.

3. Now HPV doesn't go away. Sometimes the bodies immune system beats it like a regular cold or flu and you just build up an immunity to it. HPV comes in many different types and forms. You cannot be given the same virus again because you're already infected and it doesn't not make it better or worse. HPV also only targets the cervix. There are some forms of HPV that can leave warts and that's really the only physical sign your husband could show. If it hasn't appeared already, then I'd say you probably have nothing to worry about. 

4. I haven't found any cases listed about men contracting penis cacner from HPV since the virus just targets the tissues that effects it. He is only a carrier and can pass on the virus but since you are already infected, you can't get the same strain again.

It is also impossible to tell who you got it from and what time. You could of gotten it from your first time up til when your abnormal paps started coming in.

You shouldn't have to feel like an idiot because I do not think that any of the sex ed classes schools provide have ever gone over HPV. I didn't know anything about it until my first pap came back abnormal at 20 years old. It's also natural to feel how you're feeling. It's a shock that no one prepared you for and that's why you feel like you do. I hope this helps somewhat and if something isn't quite clear I'll try to clear it up better.

I've had HPV since I was 20 and I turn 23 this year. My OBgyn gave me an extra year to fight this off myself but it didn't quite work. Since cancer is on both sides of my family, they don't want it to progress further. 

I am scheduled to have my LEEP procedure on Februrary 7th. Originally I was going to have a freezing treatment done but my last biopsy results came back that I was close to developing cancer in my cervix but that part connected to the vainga looked okay if only a little irritated. They scheduled my surgery fairly quickly and it's only slightly sinking in that I'm going to be doing this next week.

It is also coming on top of a bunch of other distressing news. It is very emotionally taxing. I have been looking around on the internet to see how long it might take me to recover but it seems almost as if no one had a similar healing issues that I have. 

My colosopys weren't as bad as I thought they would be. My second one went okay until a few hours later. My suggestion if you go back for anymore is to have it done after your period because when you get it right before it, the cramping is so bad and my personal experience has left me with the cramping for a year up to date.

I'm fairly scared that it could take me a very long time to recover from this and I have doctor appointments that I cannot afford to miss. Has anyone who has already gone though this surgery have a poor immune system or takes forever to heal cuts and/or get over colds? 

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