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    Yesterday, the home health nurse sent my FIL to the hospital. He was coughing up blood and had severe chest pains. This morning, while I was getting ready to leave for work, I get a call from the hospital that he wants to see his family, and they need phone numbers for my MIL and SIL. They were trying to reach Hubby, but because he's away at work, they got me instead. The nurse wouldn't tell me anything (even though...

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      He has talked to them, but honestly, he is a part of this problem too! Even when he's home from work, he continues about his normal activities that take him out of the house. I know we need our own normalcy, but why should myself or our friend continue to be stuck at home caring for their father while they get to live their *normal* lives? And my husband still doesn't want to accept that his father is terminal and ...

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        My mom has an ostomy bag due to her Crohns. Like you, hers has a mind of its own, and never wants to work right. My mom tries really hard to hide her bag, and finds herself always nervous about the bag breaking. The best advice I can offer you, from what she has told me is, pay attention to the bag. If gas needs let out, excuse yourself and do it, otherwise it could explode. Also, talk to your doctor about the best e...

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          My FIL was diagnoised a month ago with stage 4 lung cancer. Doctors have told him that chemo will only buy him some time, and they didn't even want to give him a number. They all agree, he is terminal. Meanwhile, he has moved in with myself and my husband, because he can no longer care for himself (trouble walking). Hubby works away two weeks, then is off one week. He just got the FMLA papers signed, but has no plan...

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