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    Jim, Haven't been out to the site for a while.  Sorry to hear your news from July.  Praying for you!

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    Head and Neck Cancer
    Cancer Prevention, Clinical Trials and Research, Emotional Support, Spiritual Support

    Husband dx stage iv tonsil cancer 4/08. Neck Dissection and tonsils removed 4/08. Completed 36 rounds of rad with concurrent cisplatin 7/08. One recurrence scare in 7/09. Dx 7/09 high grade dysplasia in the area where the malignant tonsil had been removed. By the grace of God, the dyplasia healed - disappeared two weeks after the diagnosis when we went in for the surgical procedure to have it removed- it was miraculously gone! Holding on to Jesus and the hope of no recurrence! Here to support and learn from others

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