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I had breast cancer and also did chemo..You need to sleep so your body can recover and stay strong...my opinion is take what you need to sleep Ambian worked for me ..the only way your body recovers is sleeping....

PS if you need to do radiation you will sleep alot...

hugs to you,

I am a little confused. ? Did you have radiation..4 yrs ago?


Has anybody know anything about this medication Xeloda?

thanks Missy

jay horses,

why multiple surgeries? 


Hi Amanda,

Sorry to hear about your mom.Im sure she is lucky to have you..Just from experience as you receive more tx's you continue to get tired, so with that beening said, just do things for her even is she says she can...We all want  to continue to be indepedent but  when it comes to food well thats another subject well for me it was, nothing sounded good. I tended to go back to comfort foods that I ate when I was young , strange huh , maybe because there is not a lot of flavor, all kinds of pototoes and hamburgers...

What kind of chemo is she having? How often? Are you going to chemo with her? 

Tell your mom to hang in there we all get through it together!!!! Reach out if needed......cry ,yell, or laugh:)

I have miss spoken, TNBC is not the same as metaplastic , but it is common to have both...

Wow thats great  that you caught it early. radiation is also nice v chemo.

I am in a study so, I am receiving chemo first, my tumor was almost 5, now done to less then 3 ...I have 4 more tx then surgery then radiation...there is a link that you should ck out.

livingbeyondbreastcancerand tNBC let me know how everything goes...


Hi Lisaepstein,

I have triple neg, also known as metaplastic ...

I had a lump in my breast size 2cm you could feel, but mammo did not pick up, my doctor and I knew it was there. Ask for u/s

positive thoughts 

RE: Metaplastic Carcinoma

by mtnbiker - December 03, 2011

Hi adgirl5.

Nice to hear from you..How long have you been in tx ..what treatment are you using?

I read SS's book on bio hormones and went on them asap, paid out of my own pocket.. I must say I question now what I did (hormones) even thought I am TN...I guess there is always going to be questions......

I do not think we can compare her cancer to ours..Not meaning that alternative approaches do not work...I am also seeking them out, but at this point, I will do chemo first...i like all of us have struggled with do or not do...We just make  a decision..I guess?

Have a wonderful weekend...


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