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    I was on Afinitor 10 mg last Dec, had a reaction due to another med I was on. Afinitor was discontinued as was other med & then Afinitor was re-started at 2.5mg. I slowly had the mg's increased & I am now on 10mg's again. Since starting the 10mg dose I have a horrible cough where clear sputem lays in my throat. My chest & lungs are clear which is good. Has anyone else experienced this while on Afinitor? ...

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    I am Donna from N.J.I have metatastic renal cell carcinoma. I was diagnosed last year when my right kidney was removed. I had no symptoms and was recovering from a stroke when a routine cat scan showed the tumor. I've been on Sutent since Dec. 2009 and was in remission until now. I just found out I have a new site affected, my left femur. The other 2 sites seem stable but have not disappeared . This new news took me by surprise because I never experience symptoms and really just need to talk to others that truly understand what it's like to walk in my shoes. I don't know what my next step is going to be but I'm ready for the battle.

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