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    I surely love talking to everyone on this site, it's so helpful.....I'm 25, just curious if there's anyone close to my age that I could chat with and relate to.

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      Even though it's been 15 months, I still have terrible days. I work at the hospital that my dad had his cancer treatments and surgeries at and it seems like once every few months I'll have a flashback of certain days, certain memories. I get so sick of people saying "he is in a better place" or "everything happens for a reason." I guess this is more of a vent for me, I just feel like it shouldn't be this hard still. ...

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        February 24, 2012
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          My Mom, Dad and myself were told last Wednesday that this will more than likely be my Dad's last year here with us.....after failed surgeries, chemo and radiation. Everytime something failed.....there was always the next thing to try, now this is the end and reality has slapped me in the face....I'm only 23 and I'm really having a hard time with this. The main things that keep going through my mind is that my Dad won...

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          My dad was my best friend, my hero, and my biggest fan- he lost his battle to cancer on October 20, 2012. I enjoy working, spending time with my mom, and riding my horses. Although it's been hard to keep competing at rodeos without my dad by my side, I try to remind myself daily that he has the best seat in the stands now!

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