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This is my third time fighting 3 totalty different types of cancer. I just tured 60 this last Oct of 09. When I was 35 I was diagnosed with Thymus cancer stage 4 and givin 6 months or less by my pulmonogist. Thankfully My oncologist said that even tho the cancer now had spread to my lungs, I might still have a good chance with Radiation. So I started on a plan of taking radiation treatments. They made me so tired and weak, but alive. It killed the cancer and gave me the one wish I had. That was to see my children grown. I was doing quite well until the age of 57. I became very tired and just not feeling right. The doctor found a tumor benign on my parathyroid glad and thought that that was the problem. I had that removed and still was not feeling good. I did have aproblem with food getting stuck in my throat, but thought that I just needed to go in and have my throat stretched. The radiation years before fried my esopagus, so I would need a streching every now and then. so In July of 07 I went to have my throat scoped. They found nothing wrong. So he did not see a need to streach my throat. So I was really flusterated. I knew I was not feeling well, I was losing weight like crazy and had been to several doctors with no help. Finally in June of 08 we went to Mayo even though it was out of net work for me,we had them run a bunch of tests. within 2 weeks, I had my answers. They did a petscan and By July of 08 I was told that same week that I not only had esopageal cancer, but also breast cancer, Both caused by the radiation treatments I had years before. I feel that the doctor that did my scope the year before made a mistake in not finding my esopageal cancer. If he would have found it, my staging would have benn a 0-1. I am a 2a now. So I had lost so much weight and was so week, I had to be built up to take the surgery. I had a double mastectomy in Sept 08 and my esophagus removed in Nov 08. I had no Chemo or Radiation. The surgery was hard, I had a leak, got pneumonia and was put on a vent for 2 months. It has been a long recovery, but I am doing pretty good considering all that I have gone thru. I have gained 12 pounds and am looking forward to seeing the grandkids grow up. PEACE AND LOVE georgi

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