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    Where did you get test for CMET? I am trying to get this for my mum but looks like it is too expensive at our cancer center. The trial looks promising.

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      What type of place is she getting treated? With mum, we had very bad experience with large hosipital where they were focused on dealing with the symtoms and did not look at her care E2E. My mum got really weak during her hospital stay and we thought those were her last days, that was almost 1.5 years ago. We checked her out of the hospital and took her to cancer center where they specialize in prodividing full E2E ca...

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        My mum initially had a stent because doctors were worried that the stomach would be blocked. She had so many problems with the stent becuase it moved a few days after it was inserted and made her symtoms worse - prior to stent she was still able to eat but kept throwing (even water) after the stent was placed. We were told that a stent in that location is likely to fall, stents are typically used for oesophageal canc...

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          Hi Jenny So sorry to hear what you are going through. It must be hard on you especially when you are not in the same place as your mum.  Do they know where the blockage is? Is it at the opening of the oesophagus? Depending on the blockage, they can try spot treatment with radiation to remove the blockage so that your mum can start eating again.  How is the chemo going? Is that works, it might also remove...

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            Which chemo regimen is your mum on? Campazine (before chemo infusion) worked for my mum on cisplatin/irinotecan.

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              How did it go Melody? Keep us updated, you might have good chemo/radiation options.

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                Hi everyone Since my mum started the taxol/avastin regimen a month ago, her markers went up. Good news is that the markers dropped significantly last week. Bad news is that she was classified with grade 3 neuropathy and therefore they decided to not give her taxol as scheduled last week. Mum wasn't complaining about the neuropathy too much - guess this shows how many cancer patients just try to tolerate.  She...

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                  My mum has been on mostly continuous chemo since Aug '11. In the last three weeks her magnesium has been very low, even after infusions and daily magnesium pills her levels are a little low. Now she is basically getting magnesium infusion with her weekly chemo (in addition to taking daily pills). She's currently on taxol and avastin and is also taking diurectics to control ascites.  Has anyone else experienced ...

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                    I'm so sorry to hear about your mum, I know how devasting this can be. My mum was also diagnosed July '11 with stage 4 (peritoneal mets). Initially, we also looked at experimental options but our oncologis advised to start with standard chemo first and try trials only if the first line of chemo didn't work. What experimental drugs is your oncologist recommending? There are people with tons of insight on the forum an...

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                      phaedraco thanks for sharing and good to hear that chemo is working for your brother. I've read mixed thngs about avastin and seems that it failed to get FDA approval for gastic cancer, see http://pharmastrategyblog.com/2010/02/roches-avastin-fails-in-stomach-gastric-cancer.html/ On the other hand I have seen feeback from forums that it helps control ascites which is currently my mum's biggest concern.&nbs...

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                      Mum diagnosed with stage iv stomach cancer, inoperable with mets to peritoneum and ascites.

                      She was diagnosed in July 2011 after losing her appetite and a blood test that showed she was very anemic.

                      She had four rounds of chemo (FOLFOX). Current CT scan shows small increase in tumor so she's switching to a second line chemo (cisplatin and irinotecan).

                      She switched to second line chemo in Oct 2011 and last two scans showed that her cancer was stable (no decrease).

                      In Feb '12 tumor markers trends is rising slightly, waiting for next scan in a month.

                      Mar '12 update, CT scan showed increase in cancer in abdomen. She's trying 3rd line chemo with Taxol and Avastin. Hoping this keeps her stable for a few more months and that she can tolerate side effects.

                      Apr '12 update. Tumors markers on taxol/avastin initially went up for a few weeks and have now dropped quite a bit. However, her neuropathy is bad (tingling and nerve pain in hands/feet). Dr didn't give her taxol for treatment #4.

                      Apr 18 '12 update: CT scan showed cancer is stable so chemo is working. Mum will be getting an adjusted does because of her neuropathy.

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