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Stomach Cancer
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Mum diagnosed with stage iv stomach cancer, inoperable with mets to peritoneum and ascites.

She was diagnosed in July 2011 after losing her appetite and a blood test that showed she was very anemic.

She had four rounds of chemo (FOLFOX). Current CT scan shows small increase in tumor so she's switching to a second line chemo (cisplatin and irinotecan).

She switched to second line chemo in Oct 2011 and last two scans showed that her cancer was stable (no decrease).

In Feb '12 tumor markers trends is rising slightly, waiting for next scan in a month.

Mar '12 update, CT scan showed increase in cancer in abdomen. She's trying 3rd line chemo with Taxol and Avastin. Hoping this keeps her stable for a few more months and that she can tolerate side effects.

Apr '12 update. Tumors markers on taxol/avastin initially went up for a few weeks and have now dropped quite a bit. However, her neuropathy is bad (tingling and nerve pain in hands/feet). Dr didn't give her taxol for treatment #4.

Apr 18 '12 update: CT scan showed cancer is stable so chemo is working. Mum will be getting an adjusted does because of her neuropathy.

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