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    Hi,  I also had eccrine cancer on the scalp but I had an additional characteristic of it being mucinous which is another rare form to this "rare" cancer.  I am interested in looking into my pathology to see about the p63.  I also had the 2 surgeries to clear the margins. My experience sounds very similiar to your situation, just like doing most of the research myself.  I am 3 years out and have ha...

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      I had it on my scalp for a couple of years also.  They kept telling me it was just a cyst & it was "nothing" to worry about.  I had it removed in 2009.  The best advice I can give is be persistent with the care & follow up.  It is best if you can get to a big cancer center because it is so rare.  What kind of follow up have you had?  

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      I was diagnosed with a rare mucinous eccrine carcimoma found on my head. There is very little information on this type of cancer. Looking for more information.

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