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    Hi, I have been out of circulation for a few days, preparing for surgery next week.  Time shouldn't be too long, and they will tell you when you are stretching it. I wanted to wait until Nov, but that was too long for the surgeon.  Swelling needs to go down, so they are thinking the right way.  When they removed my two tumors, one was 35cm, then they came back, thats why we had to go to the Whippl...

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      Hi Janet from Michigan, my name is Tony (R0adKrazee56).  Last Nov, I had two tumors removed from the Ampulla of Vater.  In Jan '11, they returned, and removed in June.  Now, will go for the Whipple next month.  I am a cyclist also, and that was my first question; will I be able to get back on my bike, not necessarily to race again, but just get the peace of mind of turning the pedals, as I would/c...

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      Hi, My name is Tony. I have been fighting Familial Polyposis since the age of 9, had a sub-total colectomy at 12, and Ileostomy at 20. While I was dealing with my own depression, the surgical floor asked me to visit with a young soldier, who woke up with his ileostomy. He asked what I was there for, and I told him that I was at the same place he was at. Fighting this disease over the years, I found out I was at risk for pancreatic and small bowel cancer too. I am soon to have a Whipple Procedure, and look forward to recovery and getting back on my bicycle. I am a competitive senior cyclist in the 54-59 age group. I firmly believe that each and every cancer fighter has to have something to look forward to. Yes, the first is YOUR FAMILY, and the Lord, then some activity that you can use to reduce stress. When I hurt the most, sometimes a good hard training ride where I hurt my lungs and legs is the best medicine one can have. And always, I am saddened by the fact that my youngest daughter will have to go through the same ordeal. My final word is: tell those close to you how much you love them!! Fight the Good Fight

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