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    Hi, While my husband and 5 other people I know have died of gallbladder cancer within the last year and 4 months, there is hope. I suggest you log into the Cancer Survivor Network and go to Gallbladder Cancer 2011. You will not that there is discussion on periotemeum cancer and that there is a doctor, apparently the only doctor in Canada that does this procedure in Calgary. Good luck, and my thoughts are with you a...

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      Greetings from Northern Canada! I too had my first birthday alone in August. Don died in July. His death was a haunting experience as I was the sole caregiver for a year and 3 months - very little family support. He wished to die at home and I along with visiting nurses made sure that his wish was granted. As a social worker, I figured I could be my own grief counsellor. Not so. I have cried every day for ove...

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