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    Oh, and divorce would also mean I essentially would need my parent's help paying the bills.  Meant to include that above.  Retirement account might sound petty, but how many would like to accept they will work until they die? I struggle with these sort of questions every day. More stupid questions...Am I stuck with never having a romantic relationship again?  Both her and my family actually told me t...

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      She cannot be on my insurance if divorced...I checked.  Also, according to family lawyer, state would mandate care alimony for her that exceeds my capability to take care of me and my kids on what is left.  Would mean I have to stop contributing to my retirement account [no pension] and rule out retiring in my lifetime.  Alternative given was to move her into home addition and file restraini...

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        Wife has GBM IV brain tumor.  She is essentially abusive to our 10 and 13 year old daughters, refuses physical and psychological therapy as they suggest she change her attitude and work on her physical health and mental attitude, and her idea of life is sitting on the couch, ordering us around, buying stuff on-line we cannot afford, watching TV, talking on the phone complaining about how we treat her if we do no...

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