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    i saw my radiation oncologist this week and was told will be going for whole body scan next month  .. which means its time for low iodine diet.. she said how it comes out determines what happens after that.. surgery,radiation both or wait and see. my cancer marker went up from 1.7 to 2.9 when my endo checked it two weeks prior.the only way she could think of it to go up was a small noduale that was see...

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      hey everyone havent been on here in a little while.. found out this week that after the new year i have to go for whole body  scan which means low iodine diet for two weeks .. my cancer marker went from 1.9 to 2.9 over the past three months .. back in april i had left nd.. my wife asked what happens after the scan and was told that it depends how it comes back .. wheather surgery radiation idoine both or wait an...

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        I am suppose to go for selective neck dissecton on left side on the 6th. while meeting with the surgon the other day he said there is a good chance my vocal may become ghostly and may have vocal parlysis  after the surgery because of how close it is to the vocal cord. Also he said that it maybe harder to swallow certain things like liquids because of this. Has anyone have this done? If so what did you do help ma...

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          is there any foods that i should be eating more of with thyroid cancer. my brother said that he saw on tv people who changed their diet helped from the cancer recurring. any advice or tips would be appricated thank you

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            the surgon that i am going to is the same one that took out my thyroid 4 years ago.both my endo and ocologist recommeded going to him because he is the best in this field and one of the most experienced with it.  little neverous because he said could effect my voice .. but said if did could do things in office to help it or other things to boost up voice.

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              this is my first time using this. my story is in sept of 09 i had my total thyroid taken out due to papllary cancer.  I had two round of raditation iodine following this since then . After tests last month i now have to go for selective neck dissection on my left side due to lyphnode being positve for cancer.  Has anyone had this done before ? If so what kind of side effects did u experience. my surgon main...

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              in sept of 2009 i had my thyroid taken out due to papllary cancer. following the surgery i had a radiation idoine treatment in oct. the following three years after that i had two more radiation iodine treatments due to cancer marker levels. last march i had a left neck discention due to positive lymnodes found. luckly it did not effect my vocal or swallowing ability .

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