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    I see Dr. Hodi in Boston and have been batteling since 2008....Last year I was on IPI...now Yervoy that showed soem promise....This year I was on a PD1 byMerk that I have had amazing results tumor wise, but my have been pulled off trial because of blood test issues.....It is and was worth it ti me to get on both of these treatments..... Let me know if you need aditional information....>Rich

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      I was on a CT with a PD1 for M. Melonoma that spread to my lungs, and spine...From 3/1-6/12/2012 things went great and the scans were amazing...However my blood tests for my Liver, Kidney and Muscle went tru the roof...my ck was over 30,000....I was kicked off trial and my liver and kidney # are close to normal....My is is much better (700)...The problem is I am gaining weight and getting many muscle cramps in my sto...

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      Diagnosed 8/8/2009 with Mucosal Melanoma. Just turned 46 years old...From Marshfield, MA with an unbelievable wife and 3 children...12, 9, and 6......I hate that my family has to go thru this.....I believe it is harder on them....

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